As part of an ongoing effort to spruce up Tomorrowland, Disney has been working on the (long overdue) repainting of Space Mountain. We made it out to Magic Kingdom today to check out their progress.

Space Mountain has definitely seen better days. With the actual show building tucked so far back, I guess I hadn’t paid much attention to how poor of condition it was really in. Here you can see an untouched section to the middle and right, and a painted section to the left.

Workers basically rappel down the face of the building and get to painting.

Here’s a finished section, looking a lot better.

A closer look at the contrast.

The spires are also getting attention.

While we’re still a couple years away from Tron going in next door, it’s nice to see Space Mountain get a fresh coat of paint and some much needed attention.

UPDATE (8/24/2017): Work has moved around to the backside of the building.

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