There is a new souvenir experience available at the freshly renamed TestTrack SIMporium gift shop. After testing their designs on the SimTrack, guests can create a “Custom Car[d] Design” at the Stat Station.

For $6.99, guests can have a card printed with a photo of their custom design, full stats, their designer name, a car name, and the date that they tested their vehicle. Here’s a video of the process.

The card is the exact same material and size as a typical park entrance/Annual Pass card and is custom printed on the spot. The printing process takes about 3 minutes and is completed without any pomp and circumstance.

On one side of the card is a photo of your vehicle and the most dominant of the four stats. The card is printed in the hue of the most dominant statistic, in our case purple for power.

The opposite side of the card features all of your stats as well as the custom info you entered at the Stat Station.

For $6.99 this is one of those spontaneous purchases that we felt is worth it. It’s a fun way of capturing the memory of your design and further customizing your SimCar experience at Test Track.

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