As Disney prepares for the sheer mass of guests that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will bring in 2019, it’s not just the in-park theming and construction they’re worried about. Disney’s Hollywood Studios will also be receiving a new parking lot entrance.

Before we dive into the photos, let’s take a look at the permit that outlines the work.

A look from the air at the Osceola Parkway/Victory Way interchange.

A shift in perspective shows the path the new roadway will take towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The parking lot toll booth will be moved to this location as well.

It’s not just the new entrance either, a massive parking lot expansion can be seen to the right of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction in the following photo.

A closer look at the current work at the interchange shows that foundation work on one of the flyovers planned for the area is nearly complete.

After flying, we drove through the area to get a ground-level perspective of the flyover work.

The new entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is set to open Fall 2018.