Where Will the New Toy Story Mania Entrance Be in Toy Story Land?

Toy Story Land will debut next year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and with it, we’ll get a new entrance to the existing Toy Story Mania attraction. One of the questions we get a lot is: where will this new entrance be? We made a trip back out to Walt Disney Presents to grab some more photos to better demonstrate where the new entrance will go.

First off, the current Pixar Place corridor will become a backstage area past the Pixar arch.

An overview of the model shows that all of Toy Story Land will be located in the space behind the Toy Story Mania attraction show building (which is represented in green below).

A closer look at the model at an odd angle revealed the entrance signage for Toy Story Mania. Both standby and FastPass will pass under this signage and use this entrance. Standby will enter on the right, and FastPass on the left.

Another look at the model shows that the entrance will be to the right of the red Midway Games box (left of the box if you’re walking in the land). Guests will enter the queue and then quickly find themselves in the red Midway Games box before continuing through the beige-roofed building seen above and into the attraction show building.

Another perspective shows the red Midway Games box to the left as you enter the land.

As of publish time, here’s the latest construction photo we have of the entrance queue, Midway Games box, and connecting building.

Toy Story Land opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios next Summer!

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