PHOTOS: Grand Avenue Construction Completed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney has recently completed the final third section of Grand Avenue, the all-important tunnel to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We made it out to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this morning to take a look.

The first thing guests will notice is a huge piece of concept art for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that fits perfectly in what will become the entrance to the new land.

Disney has actually been using the concept art as a PhotoPass backdrop in the afternoon.

Taking a bigger look around the area, we noticed a large gate to the right of the entrance. This would lead to a backstage road that services Sci-Fi Dine In, the old Great Movie Ride building, and eventually runs between Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Here’s an older aerial photo of the road in blue.

It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where this gate could be opened and used for overflow queuing to enter the land in the first months.

Taking a few steps back for perspective, we can see MuppetVision 3D to the left and the tunnel to Galaxy’s Edge at the end of the avenue.

Another perspective, this time standing with the tunnel to our back and looking down Grand Avenue towards BaseLine Tap House and Star Tours.

Walking towards the exit to MuppetVision 3D, we find another completed wall and gate. This one will likely end up leading to non-guest areas.

First, a look back at the area under construction.

Now a look at the completed work.

Finally, a look at the First Order Battle Escape attraction building rising above the wall, just beyond the lamp post.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open to guests in 2019.



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