REVIEW: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Shows D-Luxe Should Stick to Burgers

D-Luxe Burger, one of our favorite burger spots at Disney Springs, has introduced a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich as their “Seasonal Burger” this spring.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – $10.99

Fried Chicken Breast, Blue Cheese Crumble, Buffalo Sauce, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

D-Luxe is obviously trying to push this offering to guests. A sign at the front door loudly announces its presence, but maybe it shouldn’t. The chicken breast itself is quite large, easily bigger than the already nicely portioned burgers.

The first thing we noticed was that the chicken breast wasn’t slathered in buffalo sauce like we’re used to seeing with a buffalo chicken sandwich. Because of this, the chicken breast was rather dry, but nicely crispy. I think D-Luxe did a wonderful job of cooking the chicken itself, but as we’ll soon see, the chicken sandwich as a whole failed.

The buffalo sauce was applied more like a spread on the top bun, along with a large amount of blue cheese crumbles. Whether you enjoy this sandwich will depend on your opinion of blue cheese. With only a light spread of buffalo sauce, the predominant flavor is definitely the blue cheese, and it proved to be much too overwhelming for our taste. Even those in the group that really like blue cheese agreed the flavors didn’t balance. Unless we see the scales tip towards the buffalo sauce taste and away from blue cheese, we can’t recommend this over other awesome options at D-Luxe Burger.

In related news, D-Luxe Burger now offers their delicious sauces via self serve condiment pumps.


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