PHOTOS: Coronado Springs Tower Construction Reaches Top Floor and More

Coronado Springs is in the middle of a massive transformation to bring a 15-story tower to the convention resort. The tower is meant to bring more convention business to the resort, while providing some amazing views of nightly fireworks around property. We stopped by recently to check out the latest progress on the project.

Here’s a view from the current check-in parking lot. This will be considered the left side of the face of the resort when completed.

The view from valet.

Here’s a look at the side of the tower that will face Lago Dorado, the 15-acre lake in the middle of the resort.

The lobby will be spacious and two stories high.

Here’s another angle that shows off the columns that will stretch two floors.

Here’s the concept art for the lobby.

The floors are numbered along the construction elevator.

Here’s a look at the top floor of the tower under construction.

In addition to the new tower, there is also a new restaurant that will be located in the middle of Lago Dorado. Right now, three separate walkways are being constructed to provide easy access to the restaurant.

In addition to the walkways, a steel platform is being constructed where the restaurant will sit. First, here’s a look at the concept art for the restaurant.

Here’s an overview look from the model in the preview center.

Here’s a look at the steel platform that will hold the restaurant.

The Coronado Springs tower expansion will debut next year.

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