Open up your Instagram app! Amorette’s Patisserie debuted two new photogenic items today that take advantage of the latest color trends and they’re ready for hashtagging.

Iridescent Blue Sparking Wine – $17

First up is the Iridescent Blue Sparking Wine. A standard Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee finds a blue coloration and is topped with a white chocolate Minnie Mouse ear hat. At $17, it’s firmly in the “buy it for Instagram, not for value” camp, but it does arrive a whole dollar cheaper than the Millennial Pink Celebration Toast from April.

Unicorn Macaron – $5.50

Next up is the Unicorn Macaron. The wonderfully decorated macaron is prepared perfectly, with a crunchy exterior and forgiving interior. Inside, you’ll find a layer of dulce, which is essentially a roasted white chocolate. Not only does it take a good photo, but it is also packed with flavor. Of the two offerings, we’d recommend the Unicorn Macaron.