PHOTOS: Walt Disney’s Personal Plane Gutted

Nearly a year ago, we posted the first images showing “The Mouse”, Walt Disney’s personal plane, in a relocated location on Walt Disney World property. The plane used to sit on the Backlot Tour, which was demolished years ago to make room for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Today, we have a look inside the plane as seen in a YouTube video posted last night. The video shows a gutted interior of the plane as seen in the screenshot below.

“The Mouse” – Walt Disney’s personal plane gutted (Matt Sonswa/YouTube)

A look inside the cockpit shows that a lot of the instrumentation has been removed as well.

Cockpit (Matt Sonswa/YouTube)

Of course, the current state of the plane should come as no surprise given the fact that it was said to have been gutted when it sat on the Backlot Tour for guests to see.

“The Mouse” sitting on the Backlot Tour before it was relocated

Even though the photos inside the plane are interesting to see, we at do not encourage exploring backstage areas at Walt Disney World.

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