Hollywood Studios photo update 8/30/2015

Continuing our trek around Walt Disney World, we find ourselves in Hollywood Studios today for a look at what’s going on.


Frozen Summer Fun continues through September 7th. Last year the event was extended until September 28th, but at this point there have been no announcements on extensions for this years event.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-1 HollywoodStudios_08302105-3 HollywoodStudios_08302105-4 HollywoodStudios_08302105-5

The tip board, a board that showed wait times, has been removed this summer and the space is now used by Guest Services cast members to assist with FastPass+ selections.


The stage should only be up for a week or so as Frozen Summer Fun winds down. It will be interesting to see what replaces it now that the hat is gone.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-7 HollywoodStudios_08302105-8

New spires up on the Chinese Theater! The spires were removed in 2001 in preparation for the hat.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-9 HollywoodStudios_08302105-47

Director Donald and Daisy meet in the theater courtyard.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-11 HollywoodStudios_08302105-10

With the closing of The Magic of Disney Animation, there is signage suggesting guests make the 300 yard walk to see the Beauty and the Beast stage show.


All gone.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-13 HollywoodStudios_08302105-14

A look at the newly erected Disney Jr. show entrance and Doc McStuffins. The doc started meeting guests at her new location this summer.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-15 HollywoodStudios_08302105-16

The Animation Gallery is also closed.


How Hollywood Studios currently feels.


Quite possibly the most impressive thing happening at Hollywood Studios right now is the new ‘flex theater’ being constructed next to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-56 HollywoodStudios_08302105-57 HollywoodStudios_08302105-58 HollywoodStudios_08302105-59

Frozen all the way down Sunset Blvd.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-55 HollywoodStudios_08302105-60

One Man’s Dream is rumored to be closing soon too.


A brand new billboard for Star Wars Episode VII has popped up behind the Chinese Theater. You can spot it on your way to Toy Story Midway Mania.


The most popular attraction at Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Midway Mania, is getting a third track added to the old Soundstage One building. The current track is in the green building and the expanded track is going in the blue building.

tsmm HollywoodStudios_08302105-20

With The Magic of Disney Animation building closed, Sorcerer Mickey has been relocated to the old Backlot Tour queue.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-21 HollywoodStudios_08302105-22

The Halloween spirit has taken over parts of the gift shop near the Studio Catering Co…

HollywoodStudios_08302105-23 HollywoodStudios_08302105-24 HollywoodStudios_08302105-25

… and the Star Wars spirit…

HollywoodStudios_08302105-27 HollywoodStudios_08302105-28 HollywoodStudios_08302105-29 HollywoodStudios_08302105-30

… and even the Pirates of the Caribbean spirit.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Streets of America as the Osborne Lights installation started earlier this month.HollywoodStudios_08302105-31 HollywoodStudios_08302105-32 HollywoodStudios_08302105-33 HollywoodStudios_08302105-34 HollywoodStudios_08302105-35 HollywoodStudios_08302105-36 HollywoodStudios_08302105-37 HollywoodStudios_08302105-38

With the Frozen Sing Along moving to the Hyperion Theater, the Premier Theater is currently vacant.


A peek at the Muppet’s and Pizza Planet area. These areas could give way to future development at the Studios.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-42 HollywoodStudios_08302105-44 HollywoodStudios_08302105-43

The Ice Palace Boutique is a new offering this year for guests ages 3 – 12.


Here’s a look at the newly renamed Hyperion Theater that houses the Frozen Sing Along.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-48 HollywoodStudios_08302105-49 HollywoodStudios_08302105-50 HollywoodStudios_08302105-51

The Frozen Fever short is still playing.

HollywoodStudios_08302105-52 HollywoodStudios_08302105-53

Just in case you haven’t had enough Frozen, there is also a photo-op with the Trolls. They don’t wake up for the picture though.


Checking out the Trolly Car Cafe, Hollywood Studios’ Starbucks.HollywoodStudios_08302105-62 HollywoodStudios_08302105-63 HollywoodStudios_08302105-64 HollywoodStudios_08302105-65 HollywoodStudios_08302105-66 HollywoodStudios_08302105-67 HollywoodStudios_08302105-70

So that’s how Hollywood Studios looks right now. It’s definitely in an odd transition phase, but the Frozen Summer Fun events distract from the actual state of the park.

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