State of the Springs: Disney Springs update

There is a lot going on at Disney Springs right now. I’m going to try my best to give you an overview of the different shops and restaurants currently in or coming to Disney Springs. Let’s dive in.


First up is parking. A recently opened ramp allows guests to drive straight into the third level of the West Side parking garage.

DisneySprings_09202015_phone-1 DisneySprings_09202015_phone-2

Here’s a video.

This will eventually connect with a ramp from I-4 as well.

Once in the garage, lights above the parking spots indicate which spots are available. Green means there is an open spot, while a lack of color means that the spot is taken.


There are also counters at the end of each row and level letting you know how many spaces are available in that row or level.

DisneySprings_09202015-74 DisneySprings_09202015-76


Making our way into Disney Springs from the West Side parking garage, we find Planet Hollywood.

DisneySprings_09202015-1Full size:

It is currently open and taking reservations. After it undergoes renovation, it will have an observatory theme.


Taking a left at Characters in Flight, we find a Starbucks.

DisneySprings_09202015-27 DisneySprings_09202015-28
DisneySprings_09202015-80Full size:

The newly renamed Super Hero Headquarters.


Elevated train tracks would have connected this old town to the coast.

DisneySprings_09202015-36 DisneySprings_09202015-37 DisneySprings_09202015-40 DisneySprings_09202015-79Full size:

Food trucks.

DisneySprings_09202015-78Full size:

They represent the best of Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

DisneySprings_09202015-33 DisneySprings_09202015-34 DisneySprings_09202015-35

Doing a 180, we walk past Characters in Flight again to The Landing. The Landing basically covers from Characters in Flight to The BOATHOUSE.


This is the view over the walls from the bridge in the previous picture. We can see the Town Center area past Planet Hollywood, but more on that in a bit. One the extreme left of this picture is the upcoming STK Orlando.

DisneySprings_09202015-73Full size:

A look at STK Orlando under construction.

DisneySprings_09202015-45Full size:


Across from STK is the old Adventurers Club. This will be called The Edison when it reopens.


Moving along, we see the newly opened Art of Shaving, Sanuk, Sound Lion, and Apex.

Full size:


We’ve now reached the spot where the Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, Morimoto Asia, and The BOATHOUSE are.

By the time you’ll read this, the Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar will be open. We’ll have a full review on the experience and food shortly!

DisneySprings_09202015-52 DisneySprings_09202015-51 DisneySprings_09202015-4
DisneySprings_09202015-5Full size:


Across from The Hangar and down a short path is Morimoto Asia. It is set to open on September 30th with reservations now available on Open Table. On the left of this picture is Morimoto Asia and on the right is The Hangar.

DisneySprings_09202015-86Full size:

DisneySprings_09202015-6 DisneySprings_09202015-19 DisneySprings_09202015-72

Next we find The BOATHOUSE.

DisneySprings_09202015-56Full size:

DisneySprings_09202015-57 DisneySprings_09202015-9 DisneySprings_09202015-10

Near The BOATHOUSE we find the newly opened Chapel Hats and Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC.

DisneySprings_09202015-83 DisneySprings_09202015-84

Making our way towards the East Side, we pass the Town Center. Most of the work being done in Disney Springs is concentrated in Town Center/The Springs.

DisneySprings_09202015-71Full size:

The bridge in the above photo will connect to near the Morimoto Asia/Raglan Road area. The building you see in the foreground on the left side of the bridge is the Sprinkles cupcake factory.

Making our way to the left side of the above picture (and left of the T-Rex Restaurant) we find more buildings popping up.

DisneySprings_09202015-85 DisneySprings_09202015-70

The East Side of Disney Springs is largely unchanged. The addition of the Village Causeway connects Fulton’s and Rainforest Cafe.

DisneySprings_09202015-65 DisneySprings_09202015-64 DisneySprings_09202015-63

Here’s a short virtual walk on the Village Causeway.



Let’s take a look at the Town Center construction.

DisneySprings_09202015-18 DisneySprings_09202015-13 DisneySprings_09202015-14 DisneySprings_09202015-15

Before we wrap up this post, let’s take a look at the newly opened pedestrian bridge near the West Side parking garage.

DisneySprings_09202015-16 DisneySprings_09202015-17 DisneySprings_09202015-21 DisneySprings_09202015-26

There is a similar pedestrian bridge being constructed on the East Side that will connect to the Disney Springs area hotels.


A quick look at the road work being done near the West Side bridge and I-4 connector.

DisneySprings_09202015-23 DisneySprings_09202015-24

That wraps up our look at Disney Springs! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for our Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar review!

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