We took a walk around Disney Springs this morning to check out construction progress on various projects.


We’ll start out on the West Side and make our way through. First up is DisneyQuest. Yes, it’s still open. If rumors are to be believed, it could be open most of the year and maybe into 2017. There are some walls up in front of the DisneyQuest Emporium.


I actually quite like the theming around Disney Springs. I think that it will demand a solid day out of upcoming vacations when it’s finished.


The Star Wars Galactic Outpost took over the old D-Street space.


Planet Hollywood is under a re-imagining as Disney looks to turn it into an observatory.


Here’s a look at it from the bridge that takes you to The Landing section of Disney Springs.


Next door, the World of Coca-Cola experience is well underway.


We can barely see the Town Center main building/shopping location in between Planet Hollywood and the World of Coca-Cola.


On the other side of the World of Coca-Cola is the main transportation hub just off of Buena Vista Dr.

DisneySprings_01232016-5 DisneySprings_01232016-4 DisneySprings_01232016-3

A Star Wars photo op sits outside of the AMC Fork and Screen lobby.


Here’s a look at progress on The Edison, a dining location that sits where the former Adventurers Club was.

DisneySprings_01232016-13 DisneySprings_01232016-37DisneySprings_01232016-41

STK Orlando is coming along nicely. Here’s a look at it from a few different angles.

DisneySprings_01232016-45 DisneySprings_01232016-1 DisneySprings_01232016-38

The Gnachery is a new shop that features handmade chocolate.

DisneySprings_01232016-15 DisneySprings_01232016-16

Continuing through The Landing, we find that crystal clear water has been added to “The Springs” section of Disney Springs.


Across the stream, we find that construction is progressing nicely on a cupcake factory called Sprinkles.

DisneySprings_01232016-18 DisneySprings_01232016-17

Construction is happening all around T-Rex Cafe.

DisneySprings_01232016-34 DisneySprings_01232016-32

Here’s another look at the same construction from between World of Disney and The LEGO Store.


A relatively new pedestrian bridge has opened up that connects the area hotels with Disney Springs. It crosses both Buena Vista Dr and Hotel Plaza Blvd.

DisneySprings_01232016-26 DisneySprings_01232016-46

Finally, let’s take a look at the second parking structure, the Lime garage, opening this spring.

DisneySprings_01232016-27 DisneySprings_01232016-28

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  1. Fascinating updates.THANKS! One disagreement: I was at Imagineering in 1985 when a handful of us sketch out a possible layout for a request from Michael Eisner, “Build me a small studio in Florida.” We gave him a bigger answer … A working studio (R.I.P.) PLUS a theme park dedicated to behind-the-scenes “how to” of media making. EVERYONE loved the notion of Hollywood Blvd. and especially a life-sized reproduction of the world-famous Chinese Theater (using the original 1927 blueprints). This would be a magical and fitting focal point at the end of the street. When they placed Mickey’s hat in FRONT of the theater they DESTROYED the look, scale, and magic of the park It was like ANTI-DISNEY allies had landed and deface the park. When they hat was removed, 2015, a “scar” was removed. The “BDH” (Big Dumb Hat) would have been perfect out front of the Studio gate as a welcome icon.

  2. Thanks for the update. Do you know what’s happened to the Forrest Gump Jenny Boat which used to be a part of Planet Hollywood?


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