UPDATE: The New York Times is reporting that Leo Perrero is among a few former Disney employees now bringing a lawsuit against Disney and two consulting firms. Their claim is that the companies colluded to break the law by using H-1B visas to bring in foreign workers knowing full well that Americans would be replaced. Original story below.

FAIR, or the Federation for American Immigration Reform has launched a series of ads targeting Disney over their use (or abuse) of the H-1B visa program. The ads feature a former Disney tech employee by the name of Leo Perrero, who had been working for the company since 2011. In the video, Leo briefly explains the process he and other employees had to go through when training their foreign replacements.


In a longer spot, Leo said that the employees thought they were being brought in to hear about possible promotions. Instead, they were told they would be terminated in 90 days and that they needed to immediately train their foreign replacements if they wanted to receive severance.

The ad is part of a nearly $1 million campaign here in Florida.

Source: FairChanceAtJobs.com

H/T: The Orlando Sentinel


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