2016 Eggstravaganza at Epcot

    We made it out to Epcot yesterday to do a little Easter egg hunting around World Showcase. Egg-stravaganza is a Easter egg hunt with a Disney twist. For $6 you can buy a map of World Showcase along with stickers of different Disney characters. Then, you go on a hunt and match up the stickers to the characters you find in each country.


    For those of you who didn’t make it out to Epcot this year, we’ve tried to create a hunt-at-home version of the game where we took a wide shot of the area the egg can be found in each country, so you can find it at home! Some will be much easier than others, but the egg can always be seen.

    Spoiler alert: We have the solutions at the end of the post.

    We’re kicking things off in Mexico.


    On to Norway.


    China is next.


    The Outpost was a tough one if you didn’t look the right direction.






    The American Adventure.




    Next is Morocco.


    We spotted the egg in France while watching the chair-stacking act.


    UK was a tough one, but we spotted it from the bridge leading to France.


    And finally, Canada.


    SECOND SPOILER ALERT, answers below!

    First, a beautiful look at the flower bed near Club Cool and the Imagination pavilion.


    Now for the answers in the order that we went in above.

    Eggstravaganza_03192016-3 Eggstravaganza_03192016-5 Eggstravaganza_03192016-6 Eggstravaganza_03192016-9 Eggstravaganza_03192016-10 Eggstravaganza_03192016-13 Eggstravaganza_03192016-15 Eggstravaganza_03192016-17 Eggstravaganza_03192016-19 Eggstravaganza_03192016-21 Eggstravaganza_03192016-22A closer look.Eggstravaganza_03192016-24 Eggstravaganza_03192016-26

    Once you’re done with the hunt, you can return to the Port of Entry to pick up one of these prizes!


    We went with Minnie.


    Eggstravaganza is quite a lot of fun for the $6 price tag. It runs through March 27th this year and prizes are while supplies last.

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