Rumor update: Guardians of the Galaxy attraction at Epcot to be a roller coaster

According to wdwnt, the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction replacing Ellen’s Energy Adventure that we first talked about in late June, will be a roller coaster. The rumor expects Ellen’s Energy Adventure to be leveled and the roller coaster to be installed. An interesting note is that early concepts don’t include references to Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy, possibly a limitation in place due to the Marvel/Universal Studios contract. The rumor suggests that the attraction will be announced before the end of the year, and possibly even by Bob Chapek at the Destination D event this November 19 – 20.

Update: Just remembered, wdwmagic reported that there were height test balloons over Ellen’s Energy Adventure a month ago. Height test balloons are often used to see exactly what kind of visual impact an attraction or building will have on various sightlines around property. This would lend some credence to the idea of new construction for a roller coaster. Back to your regularly scheduled disclaimer.

I know I’ve used the word rumor once in the title, twice in the body of this post, and even used it in a post tag, but it’s worth noting once more that this is a rumor and nothing is confirmed.



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