Construction at the Star Wars Land site continues, with more vertical construction visible this morning. It looks like crews have completed the rebar structure and are now placing the cement slabs that will help form the structure. It is thought that this area will be the entrance to Star Wars Land from Muppet Courtyard.

First, let’s take a wide view of the area. You can see the Sci-Fi Diner building to the right of the last remaining facade from the Streets of America.


Narrowing our focus on the Star Wars Land construction site a bit more, we can see the tall cranes have moved a bit closer to the guest areas. It’s definitely a busy site and with the Disneyland version already having a show building frame, we appear to be slightly behind at Hollywood Studios.

Zooming in even more, we can see that there is some framed concrete formwork in place. I’m assuming the large cranes are the ones moving the heavy slabs around.

Shifting our focus to the left of the above image, we can see how busy the site really is.

We’ve put together an overview video of the construction as well.


Star Wars Land will open in 2019.