PHOTOS: Latest Aerial Look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Attractions and Land (September 2017)

    After yesterday’s look at Toy Story Land from the air, we wanted to give you a look at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction site from the air as well.

    Still very much a work in progress, here are a few overview shots of the site. The first two photos are from the West and Southwest of the site, respectively. Of interest in these shots is the building in the lower center of the photo. This is the only building remaining from the days of the Backlot Tour. It’s a backstage building that will remain backstage once the new lands open. It’s currently in the middle of a repainting.

    This shot is a reverse of the above two. This is from over the Hollywood Studios parking lot, looking West at the construction site. Notice the backstage building we pointed out above is now in the top-right of this photo, with a green side showing. You can also see Grand Avenue in the lower center of the photo, leading into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

    Let’s take a closer look at the Millennium Falcon attraction building. Work progresses left to right on this attraction, much like the First Order Battle Escape attraction next door. Also of interest is the backstage building represented by lighter colored steel. It is a back-of-house building that may provide power or other critical feeds into one or both of the attractions.

    We can see three circular show elements are in place, with a fourth on the way. It is believed that these circular elements will house the actual attraction vehicles.

    A close-up of one of the circular show elements.

    A slightly different angle on the same show building. Lots of steel is staged and ready to provide the skeleton of the building once the other two circular show elements are complete.

    Moving on to the First Order Battle Escape attraction, we can see progress on the building shell since our last update.

    First, a look from well across Hollywood Studios back at the show building. The two tan buildings in the foreground are Toy Story Mania (right) and The Great Movie Ride (left). The scale of the First Order Battle Escape building is just as massive, if not more so, than these existing soundstages.

    A look at the opposite side of the building. It appears that the shell of the building will soon be enclosing the mysterious circular element at right.

    A somewhat blurry photo of the circular element. Did I mention it was a rainy and bumpy ride?

    An angle from near the Millennium Falcon attraction shows some new steel on the nearest side of the building. It’s possible that this could be preparation for a wall that would enclose the building.

    It’s also worth noting that there are the very beginnings of a new structure in front of the Battle Escape attraction. Here are a few different angles of the work. This is likely the first work on the central marketplace and theming buildings. Up until this point, work has been focused on the attractions.

    Finally, let’s take a look at one of the entrances to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Grand Avenue. Nearly complete, Grand Avenue will provide a waiting area to enter Galaxy’s Edge from a tunnel that is currently being enclosed.

    A closer look at the concrete form, from the ground.

    A different angle shows the tunnel a bit better. As an aside, a second set of walls are now going up in the Grand Avenue construction site. This may signal an opening of the area in a week or two, maybe sooner.

    As always, keep checking back with us for more aerial photos as we continue to watch both Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land construction progress.

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