Disney Research is working on a system that would allow blind and visually impaired guests to “feel” fireworks. The system would use a series of directable water jets to strike the rear surface of a flexible screen to produce tactile effects on the front surface. To produce different fireworks effects, a variety of nozzles are in use.¬†There are three jet nozzles for creating rockets and explosions, one shower nozzle for creating crackle effects, and one nozzle with a novel design for a blooming flower effect. Compound fireworks are created by sequencing effects.

The approach is described as low-cost and highly scalable. Disney Research presented the system as a specific use case, but calls out the ability to apply the system to a wide variety of use cases to include the blind and visually impaired in more experiences.

Here’s a link to the full research paper:¬†https://www.disneyresearch.com/publication/feeling-fireworks/


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