PHOTOS, VIDEO: DisneyQuest Torn Open as Demolition Continues

    With news of The NBA Experience coming Summer 2019, we decided to head out to Disney Springs to check on the DisneyQuest demolition. As you can see in our photos and video below, the building is being torn open and prepared for leveling.

    Some still photos of the demolition.

    The skeleton of the once-iconic entrance foyer can be seen.

    A look back.

    An overview of the work as we were leaving.

    The NBA Experience will open Summer 2019.

    UPDATE (10/21) – We made it out to Disney Springs again and noticed quite a bit more work being done. When we first took a look at the demolition on Thursday, the attention was only on the shell of the building. Today, the actual skeleton of the structure is being dismantled and leveled.

    First, a look at the front of the building. While it’s obvious that there is work being done on the structure from the front, the fullness of the work can’t be seen until you turn the corner to the rear of the building.

    A look at the latest progress.

    A closer look at what used to be the circular atrium section.

    An elevated look at the latest progress.

    As we were leaving, they were working on taking chunks of concrete from the circular atrium.

    We’ll continue to keep an eye on the work being done to create a space for The NBA Experience.

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