REVIEW: Hot Ganache with Bailey’s at The Ganachery

‘Tis the season for holiday drinks at Walt Disney World and we recently made it out to Disney Springs to try a new offering at The Ganachery – the Hot Ganache.

Hot Ganache with Bailey’s – $9.00

The Hot Ganache with Bailey’s was a wonderfully pleasant surprise. A hot ganache mixed in with Bailey’s, complete with whipped cream and crunchy pearls.

The drink itself was phenomenal! A smooth and creamy texture combined with a rich chocolate taste to provide a wonderful holiday offering. If you’re looking to tame the Bailey’s kick, mix the whipped cream in at the beginning.

Parallels are probably going to be drawn between this and the hot chocolate flight at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it’s really not a competition. This offering is so much better and is as close to a must do as can be possible if you find yourself at Disney Springs this holiday season.

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