REVIEW, PHOTOS: Pizza Ponte Opens in Edison Complex, Can it Dethrone Blaze?

Pizza Ponte, the newest addition to the restaurant lineup at Disney Springs, is now open in The Edison complex. Located just across the bridge that connects the West Side to The Landing, Pizza Ponte is a small-ish location that promises a good slice of pizza. Does it deliver? We investigate.


First, let’s take a look around. A relatively small space has a panoramic window that looks at the aforementioned bridge. In Italian,¬†ponte means¬†bridge, it’s this sweeping view of the bridge that we assume the restaurant is named for.

Nothing really flashy here, as far as theming and decor is concerned.

To order, guests are asked to go down a line full of slices of pizza and desserts.

Because of the small amount of seating indoors, there are a few outdoor tables as well, as seen near the entrance.


Pizza is served by the slice here and each is $7 a piece.


Now for the main event: how does a $7 slice of pizza from Pizza Ponte hold up against a $9 whole pizza from Blaze Pizza? Like any good blogger, we walked into Pizza Ponte with a full pizza from Blaze to compare.

As far as size is concerned, the $7 slice is a relatively large one, probably 3 times the size of a slice from Blaze, but still half the size of a whole pizza. Blaze is on the left in the below image. When it comes to value, we give the nod to Blaze.

Slice of pizza from Pizza Ponte

Blaze pizza

To make their pizzas quick, Blaze does a flash fire in the oven. A 3-minute cooking time is accomplished with a thin crust, whereas the slice from Pizza Ponte is over double the thickness. More a personal opinion, but I enjoyed the thicker slice from Pizza Ponte.

So how did the taste compare? We ordered both the four cheese and spicy salame and while the salame left some to be desired when compared to the Blaze pepperoni, we really liked the four cheese. Layers of cheese were served warm to hot and a burst of flavor was found in each bite. While $7 is a lot to ask for a single slice of pizza, we will definitely be back for the four cheese. As far as taste is concerned, I’m inclined to give the nod to Blaze simply because of the amount of toppings and flavors that can be accomplished compared to the limited customization options at Pizza Ponte.

One of the things that was a huge turnoff for us was the serving method: a paper plate. We found ourselves eating a bit of paper that had stuck to the hot underside of the pizza. There’s really no excuse for this. It needs to be addressed.


Overall, we’re a bit conflicted on Pizza Ponte. We absolutely loved the four cheese (minus the paper plate) and consider the amount of pizza received to be closer to $5.50 instead of the $7 asking price. On the other hand, you can load up a pizza at Blaze Pizza just steps away for only a few dollars more.

With a less than premium experience, we think that Pizza Ponte doesn’t live up to the premium pricing. Blaze reigns as king of pizza at Disney Springs, for now.

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