As we continue the month of Millennial Pink at Walt Disney World, we stopped at The Ganachery in Disney Springs to check out their offerings.

Millennial Pink Piñata – $22

This Millennial Pink offering is a large dark chocolate dome filled with vanilla bean marshmallows and strawberry crispy pearls. The piñata is topped off with white chocolate ears and a fondant bow.

The Millennial Pink Piñata comes served in a protective plastic shell for transportation to your favorite photogenic spot.

So how was it? The actual elements of the piñata were good. The chocolate was delicious and of the type of quality we’ve come to expect from The Ganachery.

Inside were a lot of strawberry crispy pearls that produced a soft strawberry flavor that finished with the taste of Trix cereal.

5 or 6 marshmallows could also be found inside, adding to the “value” of the chocolate treat.

If you thought $22 was expensive, we were told that they ran out of hammers to smash the piñata, which would normally run the price up to $25.

The dessert was definitely large enough to be shareable between a few people, but even that doesn’t really justify the large price tag of the offering. We’d like to see the price settle closer to $17 for it to become a recommended snack.

Millennial Pink-Berry Ganache Square – $3.99

Next up was a ganache square.

The Millennial Pink-Berry Ganache Square is a dense Starwberry and Lemon square with milk chocolate.

The Millennial Pink-Berry Ganache Squares are the ones with the pink Mickey head stamp

The squares were delicious! They packed an incredible berry flavor into what amounted to a couple of bites. For $3.99, it’s tough to pull the trigger on this one though. For those looking to try other flavors, The Ganachery does run a deal where you can buy an assortment of 6 for $15, which is what we opted for.

Overall, The Ganachery produced two decent treats here. There really isn’t “value” in ordering these treats unless you can put a price tag on the photogenics of a food item, which seems to be what Disney is going for with all of their “Millennial Pink” offerings.


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