PHOTOS: New Reworked Toy Story Mania Queue Debuts

Toy Story Mania reopened this morning with rerouted sections of the old queue. In the week and four days before Toy Story Land opens, guests will continue to use the Pixar Place access point for the attraction. When Toy Story Land opens on June 30th, the entrance will flip to the opposite side of the building and Pixar Place, as we know it, will be closed.

Here’s a look at the current Pixar Place routing of the queue.

While the queue currently leads to the new, third track, there is a new ramp that leads to an existing handicap loading area in the original, two-track load area.

This appears to be a merge point between the third track loading area and the original, two-track loading area. We continue on to the third track loading area (to the left).

In addition to the above queue rerouting, there is also a new exit hallway that joins with the existing third track exit hallway.

When completed, all guests will exit down the above hallway and out through the double doors seen below. These doors lead back into Toy Story Land. Until the land opens, guests will continue to turn left at these double doors and exit into the Pixar Place dead-end.

Toy Story Land opens June 30th, 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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