UPDATE (7:45pm): Attractions are slowly coming back online. As of this update, Alien Swirling Saucers, Rock N Roller Coaster, and MuppetVision 3D are running without issues. Slinky Dog Dash is in the process of coming back online and should be operational in the next 30 minutes. Fantasmic and the Star Wars fireworks are unaffected and will follow their normal schedule.

UPDATE (8:15pm): Star Tours and Slinky Dog Dash have joined Alien Swirling Saucers and Rock N Roller Coaster as currently operating.

FINAL UPDATE (8:45am, 7/13): All attractions opened with the park this morning and operations are back to normal. Original story below.

Multiple attractions are closed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios due to power issues with their HVAC system.

Guests are asked to visit other parks and single day one park tickets for Hollywood Studios are being honored as park hoppers. All FastPasses will be turned into any attraction “multiple use” FastPasses. Cast in the park are not confident that the attractions will reopen today.

This is breaking news and we’re on site to bring you the latest. We’ll be updating this post as information becomes available.



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