REVIEW: Wine Bar George Introduces New Lunch Menu with Delicious Offerings

Today marked the first day of the new lunch menu at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs. Wine Bar George has quickly become one of our favorite spots to splurge on a great meal at Disney Springs since it opened in late May. With three new lunch offerings introduced today, we were excited to get out to see if the new items would live up to the exceptional experiences we had in the past.

Here’s a look at the lunch menu. While there are some wines offered to pair with the dishes at an additional cost, it’s worth noting that the full wine list and drink menu is also available.

Chicken Salad Sandwich – $13

roasted tomatoes, brioche, house-made chips

At $13, this is the best value you’ll find on the lunch menu. A huge, layered sandwich contains a generous portion of chicken salad and is accompanied by roasted tomatoes. The chicken salad was some of the freshest I’ve had in my life and lived up to the high expectations of food preparation that Wine Bar George has set with their dinner offerings. A layer of roasted tomatoes sits on top of the chicken salad, ensuring you have a juicy, flavorful bite each time. The house-made chips are also good, and very similar to what you might find with some dishes at Homecomin’.

“BLT + C” – $12

bacon, lettuce, tomato, brioche, four-cheese sauce, and house-made chips

Another solid offering, the BLT + C has a good crunch throughout. The “C” stands for cheese, but we like to think it stands for crisp. The bacon is crunchy and a pecorino crisp that sits between the bacon and lettuce gives the BLT + C a good mouthfeel. The crispiness is paired nicely with the four-cheese sauce that holds everything together. The four-cheese sauce is robust with a classic cheese taste that gives the whole sandwich a wonderful balance of cheese and bacon.

You can just see the pecorino crisp peeking out from beneath the criss-crossed layers of bacon.

Steak Frites – $16

skirt steak, caramelized onion aioli, fries

At $16, this is the most expensive of the offerings. With 5 ounces of skirt steak sitting on top of a stack of fries, this was the dish we were most looking forward to after seeing some photos of it on social media. Let’s start with the taste. If you read our dinner review, you’ll know that we are big fans of the family style skirt steak plate. The steak frites continue our love of Wine Bar George skirt steak. Where this dish differs from dinner is the caramelized onion aioli. A fairly standard aioli taste is infused with caramelized onion to produce an absolutely wonderful accompaniment to the already excellent skirt steak.

Our only issue with this dish was the amount of fries that came with it. It was considerably less than the photo posted to social media by the restaurant. Our waitress was wonderful and asked for our feedback on all three dishes. When we brought the amount of fries up to her, she was able to pass the feedback on to owner George Miliotes who came over to our table to hear our feedback on the dish. Having never met Mr. Miliotes before, he listened attentively to our feedback and agreed that a tweak to the dish was warranted.

That said, the fries that were present were enhanced by the fact that they were sitting under the steak. The steak juices and aioli added some wonderful flavor to the fries. If we can see the plate filled out with fries, and maybe a drizzle of aioli to accompany them, this would be one of our top lunch dishes at Disney Springs.

Our Thoughts

Overall, the dishes offered by Wine Bar George for lunch were excellent. I think the real genius is that there are only three offerings. While we’ve seen other restaurants get bogged down by a larger menu, Wine Bar George focuses on producing three high-quality offerings and the guest is rewarded because of it.

If you’re looking to work Wine Bar George into your next visit to Disney Springs, but don’t want to commit to a full (and somewhat pricey) dinner, we can give the lunch menu our full recommendation.

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