PHOTOS: Hong Kong Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle Transformation Summer 2018 Update

We recently made our first trip out to Hong Kong Disneyland and wanted to provide some updates and reviews of our experience at the park. The biggest project underway at the park is the transformation of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Earlier this year, Disney closed Sleeping Beauty Castle to allow for the construction necessary to expand both the Hub area and the rear of the Castle, where the expansion will take place.

First, here’s the concept art for the castle transformation and accompanying nighttime spectacular. When completed, the castle will draw inspiration from 13 different Disney princesses. Details on the castle will reflect that inspiration such as Snow White’s apple, Cinderella’s coach and Belle’s rose, as well as princess-inspired designs and decorations throughout the castle. The new Hub area will also support an all-new daytime show.

Here’s a look at the castle from our visit this week.

First, a look down Main Street USA from the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Station. You can see a seasonal stage set up for their Halloween festivities. Beyond the stage is the blue wall that wraps completely around the castle.

Here’s a look at the Tomorrowland (right) side of the Hub. Main Street (brick path) can be seen going directly behind the walls, while the parade route past Tomorrowland and towards its a small world runs alongside the wall to the right.

A look at the center of the Hub area, from behind the Hub stage.

A look at the Adventureland (left) side of the Hub.

A peek beyond the wall shows the Hub area completely torn up and the Castle drawbridge removed. This area will resemble the look of the Shanghai Disneyland castle Hub viewing area and contain water functions similar to Disneyland Paris when it’s completed.

From the rear, we can see even more work on both the castle and the rear courtyard area. This area is where the majority of the work will take place. The existing castle won’t be torn down, but rather an addition will be made in this area to create the look seen in the concept art.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle transformation is set to be completed sometime in 2019. Hong Kong Disneyland has not released a date or even a season when the work will be completed.

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  1. By far your images of the castle’s renovations has been great compared to all the other sites. How often will you capture images of the progress of the castle? I am hoping it will be ready in 2019, when I visit HK for the first time!

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