Latest Aerial Photos of Epcot Ratatouille Attraction and France Pavilion Construction (October 2018)

We’re back with some more aerial photography of Walt Disney World construction projects. This time, we’re focusing on the Ratatouille attraction coming to the France pavilion in Epcot.

The Ratatouille show building isn’t nearly as imposing as the Guardians of the Galaxy show building at the front of Epcot, but it’s massive nonetheless. The building took over a previously unused plot of land that sits between the France and Morocco pavilions in World Showcase. Also note how close the Disney Skyliner towers sit to the new area.

Here’s another, lower angle of the show building stacked with the existing Eiffel Tower structure and the Disney Skyliner structure behind it that sits outside of the park at the International Gateway entrance.

A closer look at the show building shows that the vast majority of the building is enclosed and painted “go away green”. A section of construction can still be seen on the exterior of the show building. This construction is roughly in the same area as the maintenance area of the attraction and could be a support area. It won’t be seen or used by guests.

We showed you some on-the-ground images of the exterior facade being constructed about a week ago. Now, we have a good look at the same construction from the air. This facade will provide the French architecture that will welcome guests to the attraction. Note the close proximity of the Disney Skyliner tower to the construction. Guests should get an up-close look at construction starting Summer 2019.

Of course, it’s not just the attraction that’s being built behind the existing France pavilion structures – it’s a whole street! We can see a new structure being constructed next to the Disney Skyliner tower. Other than that, it appears that land preparations are in full swing on both sides of the Disney Skyliner route. It will definitely be interesting to see how the Skyliner will affect the views from inside the expanded France pavilion.

Disney hasn’t made a public statement on an opening, date, season, or even year for the Ratatouille attraction, but current estimates are targeting Summer 2020.

As always, stick with Blog Mickey for the best looks at this and many more construction projects, updates, and reviews from around Walt Disney World.

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