We’ve recently added two attractions to our attraction refurbishment calendar.

Tom Sawyer Island

October 14, 2018 to December 21, 2018

Starting in eight days, Tom Sawyer Island will be unavailable to guests. This refurbishment wasn’t scheduled just a few days ago, and is a somewhat last-minute announcement. Nearby, the Liberty Square Riverboat has seen its refurbishment extended until late-December. It’s unclear whether the refurbishment of Tom Sawyer Island is related to the Riverboat extension.

Peter Pan’s Flight

January 07, 2019 to February 01, 2019

Peter Pan’s Flight will see a short refurbishment in early 2019. Disney has not announced what will be done to the attraction during the refurbishment, but with such a small window of time, it’s unlikely any major changes will be seen when it reopens.


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