REVIEW: New Spiked Hot Cocoa Flight Debuts for Flurry of Fun at Hollywood Studios

There’s a new Spiked Hot Cocoa Flight at Dockside Diner for those looking to add a little extra holiday cheer to their visit to Hollywood Studios this Christmas season. Let’s check it out.

Hot Cocoa Flight – $12

While the hot cocoa flight debuted at last year’s Flurry of Fun event (for $11), there are new and modified ingredients to this year’s flight. So how did it stack up?

The three spiked hot cocoas here are, from left to right, a Jim Beam Black Cherry Red Stag with cherry topper, Stoli Vanil vodka with whipped cream, and Bailey’s Irish Cream with cinnamon dusting.

As far as each was concerned, the Bailey’s with cinnamon was the perfect pair. The cinnamon met the nose nicely and the Bailey’s was a smooth finish.

The next smoothest was the Stoli Vanil vodka. With just a hot cocoa and whipped cream mixture standing between you and some vanilla flavored vodka, it still has a bit of a bite to it. Going on the first night with a strong pour probably helped too.

The strongest drink in both alcoholic taste and flavor was the Jim Beam Black Cherry. This drink has the same ingredients as last year’s, and it was just as good! The rich cherry flavor carried the hot cocoa very which we really enjoyed in each sip.

Overall, we enjoyed this flight as much as we did last year’s! All three really had a wonderful, underlying classic flavor of hot chocolate while offering their own twists. The drinks are poured at order time and come out served very hot. We expect the Hot Cocoa Flight to be another winner this year and can’t wait to have it again!

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  1. I had this flight last year at the Grand Floridian at a bar set up on the main lobby. Anyone know if this will be served there?


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