REVIEW: Caribbean Burger and Tostones Join Limited-Time Menu at D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

With the holiday season behind us, it’s time for some of the Disney quick service locations to change up their limited-time offerings. It may only be early January, but D-Luxe Burger is ready to serve up some Caribbean flavors thanks to a new limited-time menu. We made it out to Disney Springs to give the two new items a try!

Caribbean Burger – $12.49

Signature Blend Patty, Chayote Slaw, Scotch Bonnet Pepper Aioli, Fried Plantain, Lettuce and Tomato

I’m not sure what our expectations were heading in, but this burger exceeded them! The signature blend patty at D-Luxe is always good, and every element of the toppings added to the experience.

A whole fried plantain is situated on top of a delicious blend of chayote slaw and a kick of heat from the scotch bonnet pepper aioli. The pepper aioli, while present, isn’t overwhelming. The fried plantain on top adds a wonderful crunch to the mouthfeel.

Overall, this is an absolutely wonderful option at D-Luxe and comes as highly recommended as our favorite burger on the menu – El Diablo.

Tostones – $4.99

For $5, you can get a pile of tostones (fried plantains) in the same size box as the small fries. We noticed a light sprinkle of salt on top that enhanced a well prepared tostone.

Of course, the real reason anyone orders a side at D-Luxe Burger is to take advantage of the six sauces offered. We’re happy to report that the tostones pair really well with the sauces! If you’re looking for some fried plantains, these certainly don’t disappoint.

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