REVIEW: Neighborhood Bakery Opens For An Incredible Celebration at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With Pixar Place now reimagined as Municiberg at Hollywood Studios, we have a look at the new eats that you’ll be able to find at the Neighborhood Bakery!

Incredible Hero Sandwich – $10.29

Italian meats and cheeses with an olive tapenade on a hero roll served with chips

The sandwich was very good! The layers of meat were diverse aided by a fantastic olive tapenade. This combination offered a full flavor profile and served as a great lunch option. The bread was soft and fresh. The whole offering was a surprisingly well executed sandwich and we can definitely recommend it!

Mrs. Incredible Mask Pretzel with Cheese – $6.59

The pretzel was very soft and was the same one offered in Magic Kingdom during the Incredible Summer promotion last summer. The sesame and salt offer a light seasoning that is not overpowering. Besides the fun, shape of the pretzel, it doesn’t offer much. This earns a pass from us.

Num Num Cookie – $5.79

Warm crunchy but gooey chocolate chip cookie tart

The Num Num Cookie was fantastic! We were actually surprised to learn that it’s slightly different than the one served in Disney California Adventure. Compared to Disney California Adventure, this cookie tart offers a flakey texture and more chocolate chip chunks. It is served warm and is a wonderful dessert. It’s a big tart making it easily to share between two people. Was can definitely recommend the Num Num Cookie to those looking for a solid dessert!

Frozone Slush – $5.49

Blue Raspberry with whipped cream

The Frozone Slush is just as described. Fans of raspberry will enjoy this cool treat and the whipped cream offers a nice finish to the drink.

Secret Identity – $5.49

Frozen Coca Cola slush with cherry cotton candy topped with a surprise candy

The frozen coke slush is a regular slush, but once you hit the surprise candy (Pop Rocks), the drink becomes a fun take on a standard slush. Despite being referred to as a cherry cotton candy, we didn’t find much cherry flavoring.

Incredibles Straw – $4.00

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