L’Arte di Mangiare Food Studio Review – 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts

    Welcome to a review of L’Arte di Mangiare Food Studio at the 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts. L’Arte di Mangiare debuted in 2018 and is described by Disney as Baroque-inspired dishes that celebrate the art of eating with dramatic flavors and rich colors. L’Arte di Mangiare Food Studio is located in the Italy Pavilion. This review will cover the items available for purchase during the 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts which runs daily from January 18, 2019 to February 25, 2019.

    L’Arte di Mangiare Food Studio
    L’Arte di Mangiare menu
    L’Arte di Mangiare food

    Barbabietole Dolci, Caprino Fritto (NEW) – $9.00

    On the plate you’ll find roasted candied beet salad with goat cheese fritters.

    In a festival to deal with the “arts”, and a plate demanding $9.00, the presentation here is nothing short of atrocious. That said, the flavor of the goat cheese fritters is absolutely wonderful. A soft crunch reveals a delicious, soft goat cheese inside. The beats were also a hit with the group, but $9.00 is quite the ask for what little sustenance there is on the plate. It earns a pass.

    Barbabietole Dolci, Caprino Fritto

    Costine di Maiale Aceto Balsamico (NEW) – $11.00

    Next up is some sweet-and-sour balsamic-glazed pork ribs.

    We didn’t find a lot of meat on the bones here, and for $11.00, the ribs had to be amazing. The ribs are good, but nowhere near $11.00 worth. The dish also comes with some sweet potato fries, which are nice, but again, the dish can’t possibly be recommended at $11.00.

    Costine di Maiale Aceto Balsamico

    Spuma al Miele d’ Arancio (NEW) – $8.00

    Finally, we find an orange honey mousse with peaches and mint marjoram cream.

    This was a really light dessert with hints of orange permeating the mousse. The peaches on top assist with the fruity taste. Overall, the dessert is a good buy at $6.50, but doesn’t quite live up to the $8.00 price tag. It was enjoyable, but it ultimately earns a pass.

    Spuma al Miele d’ Arancio


    • Peroni Nastro Azzurro Pilsner ($5.50) (NEW)
    • Moretti La Rossa Double Malt Beer ($5.50)
    • Prosecco ($10.00), Villa Sandi
    • Moscato Fior d’Arancio ($10.00), Montegrande
    • Corbinello ($10.00), Montegrande
    • Pinot Grigio ($9.00), Bosco del Merlo
    • Merlot ($9.00), Montegrande
    • Amaretto Bellini (13.00): Amaretto, White Peach Purée and Prosecco
    • Vodka Rossini ($13.00): Vodka, Strawberry Purée and Prosecco

    Our Thoughts

    L’Arte di Mangiare has seen an improvement from other festivals, mainly because it has abandoned its traditionally bad pasta dishes. That said, it remains overpriced. If you’re watching your budget, you can certainly get more bang for your buck at Cuisine Classique nearby in the Germany Pavilion. We’re close, Italy, just drop the prices $2-4 and we can start to send readers your way.

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