Four New Ear Headbands Arrive at Walt Disney World (Magic Carpet, Castle, Flowers, and Turquoise)

There are four new ear headbands at the Walt Disney World Resort. The new headbands are available throughout the parks and Disney Springs.

Magic Carpet Ear Headband

A whole new world awaits with the Magic Carpet Ear Headbands. They feature the classic Magic Carpet pattern as the bow and are adorned with tassels on each of the four corners.

Castle Ear Headband

Fans of Cinderella Castle have a lot of new merchandise to celebrate at Walt Disney World, and the Castle Ear Headband is just the latest item on the list. Sequined ears flank a smooth, gold bow complete with the iconic Castle in the middle.

Flower Ear Headband

It’s almost time for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, and while these aren’t exclusive to the event, they will certainly help you celebrate spring at Walt Disney World.

Turquoise Sequined Ear Headband

Finally, we arrive at the completely sequined-out turquoise ear headband. A pink bow matches the inner portion of the ear headband, while turquoise sequins envelop the ears and exterior of the headband.

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