According to our sources and internal calendars, Disney has added four evening Extra Magic Hours (EMH) back into their schedule for November. This comes after they removed all evening Extra Magic Hours for the month of October, causing a bit of an uproar within the Disney fan community.

Currently, the internal calendar calls for evening EMH on November 6, 13, 20, and 27. There are still morning Extra Magic Hours on the calendar, but it’s the nighttime EMH that most guests find to be less crowded and with a one hour longer runtime compared to the morning offering.

As of publish time, there are still no evening EMH listed for the entire month of October. Why Disney has removed evening EMH for October only remains to be seen. Villains Disney After Hours is currently only on the books through August 8th, but Disney could announce more Disney After Hours dates, with or without a theme, as the event has proven to be quite popular in the past.

As with any unreleased information, this is subject to change before Disney officially publishes their calendar. As of today, Disney has only made their calendar available through October 19th.


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