Disney held a special unannounced Annual Passholder preview of the all-new Rivers of Light: We Are One nighttime show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom last night. The show officially debuts to the public tonight, but we were on hand to capture the full show for you late last night!

For a look back at the original Rivers of Light, check out our multi-angle edit from February 2017.

The show uses some of the same soundtrack elements as Rivers of Light did and infuses new elements from some familiar Disney movies throughout. Rivers of Light: We Are One does a good job of increasing the pace of the original Rivers of Light show. Ever since the Shaman were removed from Rivers of Light, it felt like the show was destined for a more projection-heavy production.

Unfortunately, some of the technical issues still remain, namely the difficulty of creating enough water coverage to produce a viable screen to project on. The projections themselves are still tough to see, making the show a difficult one to give high marks given how projection-heavy it is. The musical score, while not as natural flowing as the original Rivers of Light score, will still get guests to dance a bit in their seat as familiar Disney tunes are woven into the old Rivers of Light soundtrack.

Overall, this is likely going to be considered a better version by the average guest thanks to the familiarity of the Disney soundtracks, the vibrant colors, user of Disney characters, and better pace despite some ongoing technical issues.


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