“Bird Cupcake” Spreads Its Wings at Restaurantasaurus in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A new cupcake has landed at Restaurantasaurus in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The aptly named Bird Cupcake is a new arrival at the restaurant and we decided to head out this afternoon to give it a try.

Bird Cupcake – $5.99

Lemon Cake filled with Blueberry Cheesecake topped with colorful Buttercream and Chocolate Feathers

We’ll start with the execution first. This was surprisingly well executed, with the finished product matching the promotional image really well. When visiting Walt Disney World in 2019, the best outcome you could hope for is a cupcake that matches the promotional images and this one gets high marks. Such high marks that we decided to parade it around for some photo ops with Kevin the bird from Up (thanks to easywdw.com), and over for a photo with Expedition Everest.

Throughout our adventures, the buttercream held its shape exceptionally well.

As for the taste, we’re looking at standard flavors for the lemon cake and buttercream. Where this cupcake surprises is in the refrigerated blueberry cheesecake filling. It was slightly chilled, even after our photo tour, and had refreshing hints of blueberry. Add in the chocolate wings and you have a pretty good cupcake!

The blueberry cheesecake was chilled so much that cutting through the buttercream became nearly impossible when we met the cheesecake center! The lemon cake base gave way before the cheesecake did.

Overall, we can certainly give this cupcake a recommendation!

Mike is the owner and writer for BlogMickey.com. Visiting the parks daily allows him to keep up with the latest Disney news, reviews, and photos from around the Disney Parks


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