REVIEW: Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes Celebrate 30 Years of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Another post, another treat. This time, we’re reviewing the two new Mickey and Minnie cupcakes at Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Like everything else we’ve tried today, these are limited time offerings through May 5th.

Mickey Celebration Cake – $5.29

Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream, vanilla marshmallow, and passion fruit crispy pearls.

We’ll start with Mickey. A unique marshmallow topping gives way to a slightly chilled chocolate cream inside. I didn’t think I’d like the marshmallow topping, but it works pretty well. Overall though, this is simply a chocolate cupcake that you can pass on if you’re not looking for the “happy couple” photo with Mickey and Minnie.

Minnie Celebration Cake – $5.29

Yellow cake with strawberry cream, strawberry marshmallow, and strawberry crispy pearls.

Next up is Minnie! This cupcake is bursting with strawberry flavor thanks to the strawberry marshmallow topping and strawberry cream interior. Unfortunately, the yellow cake inside is unbelievably bland. It brings down the flavor of the cupcake and likely makes both of these celebration cakes a pass.

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