We continue our tour of the limited time treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with what is, perhaps, the must-get photo op dessert of the day. For a limted time, you too can reinstall the infamous Sorcerer Hat in front of the Chinese Theater once again.

The Sorcerer’s Hat – $5.49

Lemon sponge cake with vanilla swiss buttercream, lemon curd, and white chocolate glaze. You can find The Sorcerer’s Hat through May 5th at ABC Commissary.

Just like the hat, this dessert could be divisive. The exterior is tough to get through and is bland and chewy. The interior, however, is wonderful. A nicely flavored lemon curd drives the flavor and the cracker on the bottom adds a nice crunch to it.

If you’re going on flavor alone, you might pass. That said, I can’t think of a better photo op for Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


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