Tron Roller Coaster Indoor Track Completed at Magic Kingdom; Footer Installation Begins for Outdoor Track

Today is a big milestone for the Tron roller coaster project at Magic Kingdom as all indoor “gravity” track has now been installed. A tangled web of steel can be seen from a few different vantage points inside Magic Kingdom as the Tron roller coaster installation becomes harder and harder to miss. We took to the PeopleMover this morning to get a closer look at the track installation and found it to be the most relaxing way to view the construction. Other points of view included the Barnstormer queue and hiking up to the top of The Contemporary, but more on that in a minute.

From the PeopleMover, guests can see the entirety of the indoor section of the track installation. Deep black support columns and track pieces twist and turn in a relatively confined space. The coaster isn’t a long one, clocking in at about 60 seconds in length from launch to final brake run. It’s about 10-15 seconds shorter in ride time than Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, but roughly the same concept. Where Tron really separates itself as an experience is the ride vehicle. If we get the same ride vehicles as Shanghai Disneyland, it puts your body just vertical of a flying position, leaning much further forward than something like Flight of Passage. For more on our thoughts about the Tron Lightcycle Power Run in Shanghai Disneyland, and a detailed walk-through of the queue, check out our review.

Ok, back to the task at hand. From the PeopleMover, we were not only able to see the full roller coaster layout, but also the fact that the next phase of the roller coaster installation is now underway – the outdoor loop. We’ll start with an overview of what can be seen. The track, as seen, represents the entire “gravity” portion of the indoor track. This means that the track seen is the “meat” of the ride, with the upper brake run representing the area where we first enter the gravity building, and the other end of the track laid at the final brake run. Disney still hasn’t installed the load and unload area, or the launch that will send you shooting into the outside track loop at 60mph.

As we were going by, work was being done on the walkway that guests would use for an evacuation if necessary on the top brake run. This is where you’ll first enter the building after completing the outdoor loop.

Drawing your attention to the ground now reveals that work is underway for installation of the footers. The work we saw today was related to some rebar and even some of the huge bolts that will secure the columns to the ground.

We shift to the Barnstormer queue for a look at the bolts being worked on for the launch and exterior portion of the track.

It might make sense to take a look at an older graphic we made that showed the full track layout. In the above photo, those workers are installing what looks to be the footers for the return piece of track that will connect to the existing track, which will be housed in the gravity building. You can see the outline of some of the concrete pours in the image below.

Zooming out a bit gives us a good perspective of the installed track as it relates to the existing Space Mountain structure.

Now for a couple of close looks at some areas of interest before we make the climb to the top of The Contemporary.

First, a look at the twisting action of the track on the lower-level brake run. We can see another brake run above it and the tallest brake run would be to the upper right, out of frame of this photo.

We get a closer look at the workers positioned high above the ground, working on the piece that will connect the exterior of the building to the interior.

Ok, time to hike up to the top of The Contemporary for an overview look.

While we said earlier that Disney hasn’t completed the load and unload station, we have seen a recent concrete pour and the beginning of the footer installation for the split load and unload station.

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