Construction Begins on Tron Roller Coaster Show Building

Another milestone has been reached for the Tron roller coaster at Magic Kingdom. The first support beams for the Tron roller coaster show building that the ride will twist and turn through have been erected.

The first steel beams have been installed close to the first brake run for the coaster, which will happen immediately once you enter the building. We have a couple of perspectives to provide, but we’ll first take a look at the construction site from the top of The Contemporary, over 1/3rd of a mile away.

As you can see, the steel beams are quite close to the roller coaster track. This is the first time we’ve seen vertical steel that isn’t for the actual roller coaster track. Taking a look at the left (west) side of the site, we can see where the roller coaster will enter the building from the exterior loop under the canopy seen in concept art and in Shanghai Disneyland.

On the far right (east) of the construction site, we can see a few different items of interest. First, the end (so far) of the steel beams. We can also see a new piece of track that will end up being the final turn of the roller coaster as it re-enters the station at the end of the ride. We can also see monorail yellow, which is decked out with a Toy Story 4 wrap right now.

Our second perspective is from the ground, closer to the track. From here, we can see just how close the steel structure is to the roller coaster track. Even though it’s close to the track, the new steel won’t be used to support the track at all or vice versa.

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