Review: The Edison Introduces Bottomless Mimosas and Sangria at Disney Springs

This past weekend, The Edison introduced a brand new bottomless bubbles offering at Disney Springs. The Edison, which is part of the Patina group of restaurants, is uniquely positioned as a complex of eateries, connected to Maria & Enzo’s and Enzo’s Hideaway. it was actually at Maria and Enzo’s Brunch that we last encountered bottomless mimosas. Unfortunately, the bottomless bubbles have since been removed from the menu. As you might imagine, we were pretty excited to see an email come through that advertised bottomless mimosas and sangria as part of a brunch offering. Let’s find out together whether that excitement was warranted or not.

From a unique venue to good food to fun nighttime entertainment, The Edison has long been on our shortlist of restaurants to eat at in Disney Springs. After making a “brunch reservation” via the link in the email, we quickly found out upon receiving our menus that there were no brunch items offered. Just the regular lunch menu with the option of paying $25 per person to enjoy endless mimosas and sangria. Whether it was a typo in the email or unrealised grand plans remains to be seen. Not to be deterred, we dropped $50 to drink as much as we could from 11:30am to 3pm.

On offer is a trio of typical brunch drinks – mimosa, white sangria, and red sangria.

The mimosa is made with a Opera Prima Brut, which is a sparkling wine that fetches anywhere between $4-10 per bottle. We found the mimosa to be just ok. It’s not overly strong, which meant that you’d probably have to have something like 4 or 5 glasses to start to “get your money’s worth”. It would probably have been enjoyed more if it were paired with some breakfast items off of a proper brunch menu.

Moving on to the two sangria options, we found the white to be the more benign of the two. A pinot grigio house wine mixes with a St. Germain liqueur to create a fruity, light option. Perhaps a far cry in presentation from the photo offered on the official twitter account for The Edison, it likely wouldn’t have made much of a difference here as we have another drink that falls into the “just ok” category with the mimosa.

As advertised

Finally, we find ourselves face-to-face with the red sangria. This was the strongest drink of the trio, but still didn’t offer a whole lot for the $25 surrendered. As described to us, the red sangria is made up of a burgundy merlot, triple sec, Grand Marnier, orange, pear, pineapple, plum, and peach. It sounds like a lot of great ingredients, but it was put together much closer to a watered down red wine than anything else.

Before we wrap up our review, we want to talk a bit about the atmosphere (or lack thereof) at The Edison during our “brunch”.

Again, while our hopes were initially dashed that this wasn’t a proper brunch as advertised in the email, we were still interested in the drinks and making the most of our roughly four hour bottomless bubbles window. Unfortunately, the drinks weren’t great and there was no atmosphere to speak of meaning that we left after about an hour or so. While The Edison comes alive at night with live music, aerial acts, and more, it was little more than a concrete basement during our “brunch”.

Most of the guests were seated on the dancefloor, but with no entertainment it felt quite dead. Even a small band playing some music would go a very long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Beyond that, due to the “brunch” menu simply being a drink offering, we would have much preferred to have been seated in some of the couches and other flexible spaces that are scattered throughout the venue. Unfortunately, those weren’t being used.

As you might have noticed on the sign at the top of the review, there is also a build-your-own bloody mary offering as well. It comes at an additional cost above and beyond the $25 for the endless bubbles. When asked about a price, the hostess said that it would be variable based on the alcohol we elected to use in the drink and that we should talk to the bartender to come up with a price. We decided the extra cost likely wasn’t worth it to get a bloody mary when they will be included in a new brunch offering at House of Blues next weekend.

Overall, we wouldn’t return to The Edison for this offering. It falls woefully short of a proper brunch, and doesn’t have anything interesting enough from a drink perspective to drop $25 per person on it. Yes, you can probably drive your per drink cost below $5, especially given that The Edison accepts Tables in Wonderland, but it’s just not worth your time or money.

If you’re looking for a brunch during your next visit, we recommend going with the offering at Wine Bar George. The Edison made a point to say that they are the only place in Disney Springs to offer unlimited mimosas and sangria, but that claim will be null and void when the new Bayou Brunch at House of Blues debuts this weekend.

There is a lot of room for improvement if The Edison wants to be taken seriously as a brunch venue, but until they offer a proper menu and improve the atmosphere, we can’t recommend a visit.

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