Latest Look at Tron Roller Coaster Construction (Show Building, Canopy, Final Brake Run Installation and More)

Disney continues an impressive pace on the construction of the Tron roller coaster at Magic Kingdom. We made it out recently to get an updated look at the roller coaster as well as taking a few photos to hopefully provide some sense of scale. As you likely know by now, the Tron roller coaster is set to open in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom by October 2021 as part of Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary. The roller coaster is very likely going to be a clone of the Shanghai Disneyland version, taking guests on a high speed race through The Grid. While Disney has been silent on the details of the attraction, that is quite understandable given its current progress. Without further adieu, let’s jump into the construction update.

We’ll start over in Storybook Circus, where you can get the best possible views of the construction. Instead of focusing directly on the construction right away, let’s first take a look at a few photos that will hopefully provide some scale for the work so far. While you can see construction (or at least the red tower crane) from various points around the park, here’s a look at the construction from right in front of The Barnstormer.

You might notice this pathway as the old bypass that would take you straight into Tomorrowland. Known internally as The Holland Expressway, this path has been closed for some time now, but you can relive the good ol’ days with our full walkthrough of the area.

Walking as far down this pathway as we can frames the scale of the work a bit better.

Finally, let’s walk into the queue for The Barnstormer a bit to get a great view of the work. In Shanghai, this angle is backstage. It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Disney does to theme this side of the building. While the canopy will wrap around a bit of the building, it won’t be enough to hide the large warehouse that the coaster will be traveling through.

It’s from this lookout that the majority of our photos will originate from. Here’s an overview of the entire track installation so far. As we’ll see in a few photos, more track will likely be installed soon given some recent work.

A wide view shows the Tron construction site as it relates to Space Mountain. It’ll be interesting to see how well Space Mountain does in the years following the opening of the Tron roller coaster. It’s not difficult to see a situation where Tron draws the majority of rope drop guests, with Space Mountain being their very next ride before they head out in search of tamer rides. Come the later half of 2021, Tomorrowland will be quite the popular spot to start your day at Magic Kingdom.

We’ll start our detailed looks with the recently installed final brake run. As it relates to our current view, it’s on the far left side of the building.

Shifting our attention to the right of the currently installed track reveals that foundations are being poured for the exterior portion of the roller coaster. The small blocks of concrete will serve as the footers for the roller coaster support columns to be installed hopefully in the coming weeks. Of course, it’s possible that this section will take a little bit longer to see roller coaster track installation at because a pathway and giant canopy will also need to be constructed.

Here’s a closer look at some of the foundation pours and footer installation with a construction worker providing some good scale.

As a refresher, here’s what to expect when we talk about the canopy and exterior track portions.

Here’s another way to visualize the way that the track will exit the building before making a big loop to return to the show building for the majority of the ride.

Shifting our perspective again, this time we’re looking at the construction from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. A large pile of dirt has been pushed up against the back part of the Tomorrowland Speedway attraction space. It’s unclear what this dirt will be used for, but it seems unlikely that Disney would want to hide Tron behind a berm of some sort. This is likely just here for land shaping as the construction continues.

A closer look at the portion of the show building that has been installed so far. As seen below, the coaster will launch from the right of the existing work, going along a straight path denoted by the foundation pours. The direction of movement will be from the right side of the image to the left, before making a rising loop to connect with the track seen at the top middle of the image.

Here’s another view of the foundations poured for the exterior loop. From here, we can see the loop taking shape as the uncovered concrete foundation pours represent the first part of the launch and loop, while the yet-to-be-poured foundation areas are the “return” portion.

We’ve tried to draw a rough outline of the work below.

A closer look at some of the work.

For a better vantage point of the outside track loop under construction, we turn to aerial photography extraordinaire @bioreconstruct for a few views from the skies over Magic Kingdom.

As always, keep checking back with for the latest coverage of the Tron roller coaster construction and much more from around the Disney Parks!

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