Gone are the days of the themed cast costume for MuppetVision 3D Cast Members. While visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios today, we noticed that all of the MuppetVision 3D Cast Member costumes are now the new “generic” Disney’s Hollywood Studios Cast Member costumes. They are said to be made of a new fabric that is more breathable and lighter.

First, here’s a look back at the old Cast Member costume for MuppetVision 3D. It’s not the best photo, but you can see the Cast Member holding the “event merchandise” sign in the old costume.

Here’s a photo of the costumes being worn by Cast Members today.

Disney has yet to comment on the change, but word on the street is that these are the new normal for MuppetVision 3D cast as Disney didn’t want to theme the new costumes for this particular attraction. We’ve been told that this is the new look for Cast Member costumes at MuppetVision going forward, but we hope that this change is just temporary as Disney works on themed versions of the new, more breathable costume style.

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