While taking a stroll around Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort this morning, we noticed that a new kiosk has been installed at the Disney Skyliner station. As a reminder, this station is the hub for the entire system. Overnight storage is here, the most line connections are here, even the motor that drives the entire system is in this station. It’s an important station and one of the litmus tests for the progress of the entire gondola system. Before we get a closer look at the new kisok, here is an overview of the station as seen from the Jamaica section of the resort.

Two items of note are seen from this angle. First, the new kisok that was installed. Here are a series of photos that show off the kiosk. We’re not sure what it will be used for just yet, but it’s unique along the entire Disney Skyliner system.

The second item of note is the bus depot. This isn’t necessarily a new structure, but the signage was new, confirming its purpose.

Slowly, but surely, we’re approaching the announced September 30th opening date. It seems like the stations are moving along really well and Cast Member test and adjust should be starting very soon on the system.

Disney Skyliner gondola cabin

As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com for the latest on the Disney Skyliner gondola system and much more from around the Disney Parks!


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