The latest update in the ongoing saga of Primeval Whirl’s status at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an update to the webpage on Disney’s website. The attraction recently received a “Temporarily Closed” status on the official webpage, the same status that Stitch’s Great Escape has received. Up until recently, the attraction didn’t have that status attached to its name.

The update in naming is significant insomuch as to link the very likely permanently closed Stitch’s Great Escape to the potentially doomed Primeval Whirl. Primeval Whirl was closed for unexpected maintenance back in mid-June and Disney has been updating “reopening” dates seemingly a week or two at a time. The latest update from Disney suggests that Primeval Whirl will reopen on September 29th, but guests are reportedly unable to book FastPass+ through the end of October.

The “wild mouse” roller coaster was closed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom just a couple of weeks after a young boy fell out of the exact same type of roller coaster at Lightwater Valley. The Twister attraction in Lightwater Valley is made by Reverchon, the same manufacturer of Disney’s version. An investigation is ongoing into the Lightwater Valley incident and the attraction remains “closed until further notice” according to the webpage for the park. It is worth noting that there are other “wild mouse” roller coasters made by Reverchon around the world that have remained open.

Disney has remained silent as to the nature of the Primeval Whirl closure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Primeval Whirl webpage
Stitch’s Great Escape webpage


  1. isn’t there one of these at california adventure also? what’s it’s status? these aren’t my favorite ride by any measure, actually i prefer to keep my fillings in place. just curious.


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