The new ‘Imagineering Presents The Epcot Experience has opened its doors to guests today, October 1st, to debut the new Epcot model and showcase the future of Epcot. With that, a new line of merchandise, that was first available at D23 is now available at Mouse Gear as well! In case you missed it, here is the entire video and model at the new Epcot Experience. The new collection features black and blue Spaceship Earth tees, an Epcot baseball cap, a tote, an Epcot tee, Epcot crew sweater, Epcot logo tee, an Epcot logo Women’s tee, Epcot journal pack, Epcot water bottle, an iridescent ear hat, and an iridescent jacket!

Spaceship Earth Tees – $29.99

Epcot Water Bottle – $39.99

Epcot Short Sleeve Tee – $29.99

Epcot Sweater – $34.99

Epcot Tote – $14.25

Epcot Logo Tee – $29.99

Iridescent Ear Hat – $34.99

Iridescent Jacket – $64.95

Epcot Journals – $19.95

Epcot Baseball Cap – $27.99

Epcot Forever Ornament – $26.99


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