New “Made by Disney” Branding and Larger Touchscreens Show up at D-Tech On Demand at Disney Springs

As part of ongoing changes to the D-Tech On Demand experience, it looks like we might be getting a rebrand in additon to new hardware. We’ll start with the rebrand.

As you can see in the photos below, there is a new, stylized logo spelling “Made”. Cast Members we spoke with said that the rebranding is new and they weren’t sure how far-reaching it would be, but pronounced it just as “made”. We’re using “Made by Disney” simply as a way of writing out the logo. We anticipate Disney will make a comment on the official naming when it’s rolled out across property. Here’s a look at the logo and how it’s currently presented.

The other news here is that the D-Tech On Demand stations have changed from iPad devices to much larger touchscreen devices. We first saw the large touchscreens rolled out at the NBA Store (of all places) earlier this summer.

As far as the process is concerned, a few steps have been removed to simplify and streamline the experience.

First, you pick a device, MagicBand, or (eventually) magnet.

Then, you choose the artwork. Gone is the need to click into a category, you can simply swipe up and down between categories and right and left between designs.

Personalize or confirm your selection and it’ll be printed! Magnets aren’t loaded into the system as of this afternoon, but should be available very soon.

One nice additon is the search screen, which autofills based on what you type to find your favorite character or design easier.

As always, keep checking back with us here at for the latest from around the Disney Parks!

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