Detailed Look at Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree Installation

    We made it out to Wilderness Lodge last night to watch the impressive installation of the lobby Christmas Tree and area decor. Taking place from about 10:30pm to 5:30am, the crews assembled the Christmas tree in a little bit different fashion than those found in the park. Because of space constraints, the Christmas tree had to be installed piece by piece in the middle of the lobby as guests looked on. In the parks, the trees are prefabricated at the Holiday Services warehouse before being loaded onto a flatbed and then the three or four prefabricated sections are stacked in the park. At Wilderness Lodge, and other Walt Disney World Resorts, the crews have to install every branch by hand as the only door they have to move equipment in and out of is the same front door guests use.

    The photos are generally self explanatory, but we’ll run through the installation process briefly.

    Crews begin by clearing the furniture in the lobby and establish a barrier in which to work. Guests are able to watch the entire process from outside of the barrier if they wish. Once a barrier is established, crews bring in extra carpet to lay down on top of the wood to prevent damage.

    In the case of last evening, crews hit a roadblock when they discovered that there were some electrical issues as a result of a refurbishment that took place earlier this year. To overcome the obstacles, it took crews about an extra hour or so to fix that and they were slightly behind schedule. Once the electrical was sorted out, they could begin the process of building the Christmas tree. It’s built from the top down, with finished pieces being lifted into the air for crews to put a new steel column under as they continued to build the tree. Piece by piece, the tree came to life as crews did their best to not only make up the time lost, but finish a bit ahead of schedule. For a complete, detailed look at the entire process, check out or exhaustive photo gallery of the Wilderness Lodge Christmas Tree installation below.