It seems like we can watch a project develop for years at Walt Disney World. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that takes what seems like an eternity (I’m looking at you, Grand Avenue restrooms). That said, some projects are completed pretty quickly. It seems like no project at Walt Disney World has moved at a more rapid pace recently than the demolition of the Fountain of Nations at Epcot. We made it out to Epcot recently to take a look at the project and found that not only has the Fountain of Nations been completely demolished, the area has been leveled recently as Disney looks to utilize the space for new construction.

As with other photo updates of the Fountain of Nations, we’ll start this one from the monorail loop, where only a glimpse of the work is available to guests over the construction walls.

From the east side of the Epcot monorail loop, we can see the removed show control building in the foreground and the Fountain of Nations site in the background.

We can see what appears to be the outer rim of the pit where the Fountain of Nations use to stand.

As we make our way into Epcot, we get a much better look past the walls at the construction site.

As a bonus, we have an aerial look at the site from a few days ago courtesy of our friend @bioreconstruct.

As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest from the Epcot overhaul project and much more from around the Disney Parks!


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