Interior Theming Sterilized, “Retro” Sign and Name Changed at Star Traders in Magic Kingdom

The Star Traders refurbishment has been completed at Magic Kingdom and what remains is quite different from what guests have been use to for the past few decades. As you can see in the photos below, all of the theming has been removed from the walls, sterilizing the space.

There really isn’t a theme to the area now, perhaps Disney will add it later.

The sign has changed to a more “retro” look, dropping the “Mickey” part of the store name.

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  1. That is HORRIBLE. What happened to the hidden mickeys? Do not erase the special touches Disney- those little things are what make us love going. I have zero interest in spending money for a generic place…. its the layers of interest that capture us all. Please don’t delete everything.

  2. What’s with the exposed ceilings in everything now? It looks bad and makes the setup look even cheaper/more generic than it already is.


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